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Monday, February 19, 2018

Monitoring Research - early afternoon

This is a summary of notable frequency occupancies made on February 18 2018 in the early-afternoon between 0300 and 0330  at the Kelstrel Creek Reserve, in Westerfolds' Park, Templestowe, in Melbourne's outer east. See photos! Receiver was the Eton E5, with two metres of random wire antenna.   Innumerable transmissions from China!
9490 FRANCE R,. Republica, Issoudin, Spanish
9710 CHINA CRI-Kashi Spanish to 0300*
9740 ROMANIA RRI Spanish
11560 INDIA Pashto/Dari
11665 MALAYSIA RTM-Kajang domestic Malay
11710 CHINA CRI-Beijing English
11730 CHINA CRI-Kunming Nepalese
11745 S. ARABIA R. Al Azh, Arabic
11760 CHINA CNR1
11770 CHINA CRI-Kashi English
12055 CHINA CNR17 Kazakh
12140 KUWAIT R. Azadi Pashto
13570 CHINA CRI-Xian English
13590 CHINA CRI-Beijing English
13655 CHINA CRI-Xian Chinese
13695 INDIA Hindi *0315
13730 CHINA CRI-Kashi Tami
13745 THAILAND R. Thailand, Udon Thai
13780 CHINA CRI-Kunming Nepalese
13800 CHINA CRI-Kashi English
13860 THAILAND R. Azadi, Udon Dari

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Monitoring Research at Warrandyte State Park

Good propagation in the early afternoon on February 14 2018 on 9 MHz and 11 MHz, at the Pound Bend Reserve, in Melbourne's outer east.
This is a summary of notable frequency occupancies across the time span 0330 to 0400, using the Eton E5 and 2 m of antenna tied to the top of a Leki walking pole! See photo!
9560 MADAGASCAR NHK-Talata Swahili
9570 ALBANIA CRI-Cerrick Chinese
9635 TAIWAN SOH Chinese
9700 TURKEY Turkish (from *0400)
9740 ROMANIA RRI Spanish
9755 IRAN Hebrew (from *0420)
11665 MALAYSIA RTM-Kajang domestic
11735 N. KOREA VOK Spanish
11745 S. ARABIA Arabic
11750 UAE VOA-Dhabayya
11760 CHINA CNR1
11770 CHINA CRI-Kashi English
11790 JAPAN NHK-Yamata Japanese
11860 S. ARABIA Yemen Radio relay, Arabic

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Monitoring Research -11 MHz band

This is a summary of notable frequency occupancies on February 12, 2018, made in the Westerfolds' Park, Templestowe, in Melbourne's outer east. Receiver: Eton E5, 3 m random antenna (see photo!)
Good propagation in the early afternoon from Asia and the Middle East across the time span 0330 to 0400. The multitude of domestic transmissions from China have been omitted!
11560 INDIA Dari
11680 N. KOREA KCB domestic
11685 CHINA CNR11 Tibetan
11745 S. ARABIA Arabic
11770 CHINA PBS-Xinjiang PBS Urumqi Chinese
11790 ROMANIA RRI English from *0355
11810 KOREA REP Kimjae Korean
11860 S. ARABIA Yemen Radio relay Arabic
11875 ARMENIA AWR-Tashkent Amharic
11905 CHINA CNR6 Amoy
11935 CHINA CNR5 Chinese
11980 KUWAIT RFA Chinese
12055 CHINA CNR17 Kazakh
12095 UAE BBC-Dhabbaya English *0400

Monday, February 12, 2018

Monitoring Report - 60 and 49 metre bands

Excellent propagation into Melbourne on February 11, 2018, in the time window 1645 to 1730.
Shortpath (darkness) transmissions from  Africa, Middle East, and Central/Southern Asia were dominant.
This is a summary of notable frequency occupancies:
4750 BANGLADESH Domestic
4750 CHINA CNR1, co-channel Bangladesh
4800 INDIA Hyderabad domestic
4800 CHINA CNR1 co-channel India
4810 INDIA Bhopal domestic
4820 CHINA Xizang PBS Lhasa English
4850 CHINA Xinjiang PBS Urumqi Kazakh
4885 KOREA REP V. of Hope, Korean
4905 CHINA Xizang PBS Lhasa English
4910 INDIA Bhopal domestic
4920 INDIA Chennai domestic
4930 BOTSWANA VOA English
4965 ZAMBIA V, of Hope, English
4980  CHINA Xinjiang PBS, Urumqi Uyghur
5010 INDIA Chennai domestic
5040 INDIA Jeypore domestic
5060 CHINA Xinjiang PBS Urumqi Chinese
5845 SINGAPORE BBC-Kranji English
5895 TAJIKISTAN BBC-Dushanbe Korean
5910 OMAN BBC Dari
5920 KOREA S. V. of Freedom Korean
5965 TURKEY Azeri
6065 ZAMBIA V. of Hope, parallel with 4965, English
6065 USA KNLS Anchor Point, Chinese (from 1700)
6110 CHINA Xizang PBS Lhasa Tibetan (from 1700)
6155 TAIWAN Furuzato no Kazo, Japanese (from 1700)
6185 VATICAN VR-SMG Belarussian (from 1700)

Wednesday, February 7, 2018


Continuing good propagation into Melbourne during our sunrise period from 1800 to 1830. This is a summary of significant frequency occupancies on February 6, 2018.
9485 ENGLAND VOA-Woofferton Amharic
9540 EGYPT Italian
9650 ENGLAND R. Darfur, Woofferton Sudanese
9660 MADAGASCAR VR-Talata Portuguese
9685 CHINA CRI-Kunming Hausa
9710 CHINA CNR1 to 1805*
9755 THAILAND VOA-Udon Amharic
9775 ENGLAND IBRA-Woofferton Arabic
9820 ENGLAND VOA(Deewa Radio) Woofferton Pashto
9830 SAO TOME DW Hausa

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Daytime Asian Propagation Mode continues

This is a summary of monitored frequency occupancies in the 9, 11 and 13 MHz spectrum, as noted on February 5, 2018, for transmitters in Asia, for propagation via the Daytime Asian Mode, across the early afternoon time span 0300  to 0330. Some Chinese transmitters have been omitted.
This is a specialized,  complex mode, which appears unpredictably and abruptly on hot days during the Melbourne summer, marked by propagation over totally daylight paths via the E and Sporadic E ionospheric layers.
These observations were made at the Westerfolds'  Park, Templestowe, in Melbourne's outer east, using the Sangean ATS808 receiver and a short (3 m) antenna tossed into a bush. (See photos!)
9560 CHINA Xinjiang PBS, Urumqi, Uyghur
9595 JAPAN R. Nikkei Network 1
9635 VIETNAM VOV domestic
9730 MYANMAR domestic
9760 JAPAN R. Nikkei Network 2
9835 MALAYSIA RTM-Kajang domestic
11560 INDIA Dari
11665 MALAYSIA RTM-Kajang domestic
11685 CHINA CNR11 Tibetan
11720 CHINA CNR1
11735 N. KOREA VOK Spanish
11740 INDIA Dari
11810 KOREA REP KBS-Kimjae
13600 CHINA CRI-Kunming Tamil
13620 TAIWAN SOH Chinese
13730 CHINA CRI-Kashi Tamil
13780 CHINA CRI-Kunming Nepali